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[atlarge-discuss] a Mission Statement...

To (again) add to the table, based on part on the new millennium's KISS -
Keep It Seriously Simple...

 --- REgards, walts


The Mission Statement of ICANN At-Large ("IAL"), an independent non-profit
organization, which draws its members from the At Large Membership ("ALM")
of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") -

 - To ESTABLISH, foster, and maintain a high standard of integrity,
honesty, and character amongst and between ICANN, its ALM, and the IAL

 - To PROMOTE, cultivate, and disseminate knowledge and information
concerning IAL members, the ICANN ALM and their responsibilities, and
ICANN in general.

 - To FURNISH information regarding ICANN, its ALM and their duties, to
IAL members, to non-members upon their request, and to the general public
as the situation might arise.

 - To ENCOURAGE, advance, and sustain open communications amongst and
between IAL members, the ICANN ALM which they support, and all other
members of ICANN.

 - To PROVIDE a forum for discussion and education on ICANN, ICANN ALM,
their concepts and issues, and IAL members and non-members, and to monitor
and advise on: the administration of the internet, making certain that the
needs and rights of all users are not abrogated by the technical,
business, military or governmental interests of a select few, all on a
global basis.

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