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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [ga] Re: Andy Mueller-Maguhn on the Board retreat


  The following is from the DNSO GA Forum:

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ALexander and all assembly members,

  SUrely you are not inferring that Andy is spreading
"Wild Rumors" are you Alexander?  I surely hope not!
In any event I trust Andy and Karl allot more
than I do any other ICANN BoD member.  I think
the rest of the BoD's history and reputation while
they have been ICANN BoD members speaks
for itself, and not very well, BTW...

Alexander Svensson wrote:

> Dear Vint Cerf, Alejandro Pisanty, Amadeu Abril i Abril,
> Karl Auerbach, Rob Blokzijl, Ivan Moura Campos,
> Lyman Chapin, Jonathan Cohen, Frank Fitzsimmons,
> Masanobu Katoh, Hans Kraaijenbrink, Sang-Hyon Kyong,
> Jun Murai, Nii Quaynor, Helmut Schink, Linda S. Wilson,
> Stuart Lynn, Andrew McLaughlin, Louis Touton and Joe Sims,
> BTW, it would be great if we had more reports
> from the Board retreat from other members of ICANN
> Board and staff -- not only in the interest of
> transparency, but also to avoid wild rumors...
> Best regards,
> /// Alexander
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