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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [icann-europe] news from the icann board retreat

Andy and all fellow EU stakeholders or interested parties,

Andy Mueller-Maguhn wrote:

> Hi,
> just a few notices from my flight from jfk, coming from
> the board retreat near NYC in garden city, long island.
> Disclaimer: nothing officially has been decided, this is
> a list of my notes of informal discussions.
> The retreat in a way was making sense because of it was an
> open  discussion about what "icann II" should be, what the
> outcome of the process be etc. We had a less confrontative,
> quiete constructive discussion, just interrupted by more or
> less a few struggles.
> But (just the most important points):
> - no atlarge election of directors to be expected

  This is very bad but not unexpected news...

>    for "technical" reasons (donīt know how) the majority
>    of the board agreed to not make any direct elections
>    with this year. on the direct questions, if any directors
>    would say "no direct at-large-elections under no
>    circumstances whatsoever" 5 directors outed themself:
>    stuart (lynn), vint (cerf), hans (kraijenbrink), rob (blokzijl),
>    helmut (schink)

  Well this sort of figures as well...  But still very bad news...

> - the majority of the board agreed to the idee of a nomination
>    committee (s)electing board members. status of the
>    discussion is to keep 18 board members + ceo (to be
>    discussed if allowed to vote) and some rought guidelines
>    for setting up the nomination committee (including
>    seats for advisory committees in the nomcom, that
>    means govīs included). but on the other hand side the
>    board agreed to the fact, that the empowering/selection
>    of board members by governments is not an realistic
>    approach (at least for now)

  I see.  Well this seems to in some aspects follow the
IP and BC's skewed methods as well as PART of the
"Lynn Plan"...

> - some important questions like the jurisdiction of the
>    organization and the involvement of staff following or
>    developing policys where raised but not answered. this
>    means: we should watch the limit of the acting people
>    even those acting with best attitutes..

  Good warning here.  Thanks!

> - in the discussion about the principles of the corporation
>    it was accepted that the outcome must be a balance
>    of interests when making policy. freedom of speech
>    was at least accepted by a majority to possibly be
>    affected when following intellectual property ideas.
>    so i do think, there is chances to involve NGOīs acting
>    in the area of freedom of speech in a "freedom of speech
>    constituency" or however to put something on the other
>    side of the intellectual property people

  Hummm?  Interesting but obviously not accurately representative
of the wishes of the stakeholders...

> - this means: setting up of the nomcom is the critical
>    issue now. taking balance of interests as the goal,
>    identifying all actors in the game and their interests
>    and impacts on the game is the job for the NGO community
>    in my eyes.

  Well yes, this seems to be the only way a somewhat balanced
structure could be achieved if you eliminate any At-Large...

> And (watch out what comes next before calling it good news):
> - Stuart Lynn announced to retire in March of 2003

  Not soon enough...

> - Joe Sims as Jones & Days announced to step out of
>    acting for ICANN soon. He did not mention a precise
>    date/time when, questioned by Vint said something
>    like "in the next month or similar to Stuarts retirement"

  Again not definitive or soon enough here either...

> - Andrew McLaughlin announced to be changing his
>    involvement to half time by 1st of July

  Huh?  Well I thought he was 1/4 time anyway given his
actual work output...

> More stuff:
> - Rob came with an official (?!) paper from the european
>    commission (gordon.lennox@cec.eu.int) from May 21st.
>   I will scan this and put on my website tuesday night CET as
>   well as:
> -  "ICANN II - Issues to be resolved" paper from Christopher
>    Wilkinson, May 2002
> - CENTR paper "ccTLD Requierements for International
>    Coordination of the Domain Name System) from
>    Marianne Wolfsgruber, gm@centr.org worth reading
>    (online?)
> Materials and some pictures to be on my site tuesday night
> when coming back to berlin.
> regards,
> A.
> ---
> Andy Mueller-Maguhn, andy@ccc.de, Key ID 331F978, http://www.ccc.de/~andy
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