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Re: [atlarge-discuss] subscribers on discuss list

Joop wrote:
> On 08:24 a.m. 28/05/2002 -0400, James Love said:
> >TR says there are about 90 subscribers to the discuss list.
> >jamie
> Thanks Jamie.
> When I asked Thomas a question about list commands, he referred me to 
> Vittorio and Vittorio says: not a priority.
> The current "help" command loops back to the "help" command. In short: we 
> get the runaround.
> I am sorry for being insistent, but I want a transparant  list. As soon as 
> we have one, the link will appear on the website.

This is surely a decision of the elected steering committee not one for you to 
make unilaterally?

> If this list remains opaque, there will be another list.

Again this is a decision of the elected steering committee.  I would like 
regular reports on list numbers but a slong as the designate dmembers of the 
steering committee can see the membership details I am ahppy.  I specifically 
do not want the "who" facility turned on because it exposes people not just to 
spam but also allows Jeff Williams and others to bcc you and 1,000 other people 
when he is meant to be suspended (not that it matters for all of his gets 
marked read anyway but the principle is important).
> Members want to know who are here and who are not.

You wish to know but please do not speak on behalf of all members.  The only 
thing we know the members have decided to elect a number of people to an 
interim steering group.
> As it is now, people can be quietly removed from the list without being 
> able to find out what happened.

Turning on "who" will not change this but a request to have a log of all subs 
and unsubs made available can remedy this.  


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