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[atlarge-discuss] re China - not just Internet cafes, but TLDs

>Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 09:41:01 -0400
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>Subject: PR: Largest Country In The World Blocks Internet Access To
>         Websites ...
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>Largest Country In The World Blocks Internet Access To
>Websites Of One Of The Smallest Countries In The World,
>Announces Dot TK
>AMSTERDAM, June 25, 2002 -- The islands of Tokelau, with
>just 1500 inhabitants, consisting of three beautiful atolls
>in the South Pacific Ocean face a ban from the largest
>country in the world: the Peoples Republic of China.
>China's Data Communication Bureau, residing at the Ministry
>of Information Industry, has blocked access to all websites
>bearing a .TK domain name. Many years ago, the International
>Standard Organization assigned Tokelau their .TK extension,
>just as .DE is assigned to Germany and .JP to Japan. Tokelau
>accepts registrations from all over the world. That's why
>the registry is larger than countries like Sweden or Russia.
>Currently there are more then 220,000 websites containing a
>.TK domain name, which are not reachable by any Chinese
>individual or company.
>"Since our start in December, many Chinese individuals
>claimed a .TK domain name. We know that there are only
>25,000 .CN domain names registered within China, but the
>need for domain names in the Peoples Republic is enormous,"
>claims Joost Zuurbier, President of Taloha, Inc., the
>registration entity for .TK domain names. "We have seen
>about 60,000 registrations of .TK domain names from China
>which counted for 50% of all traffic to .TK websites in the
>first months of this year. At this moment the traffic to
>these Chinese websites and this content has dropped to
>virtually 0%. Only people from Singapore and Taiwan are able
>to watch this content at this time."
>The reason why the Data Communication Bureau blocked access
>to the .TK websites is unknown. Taloha tried to contact the
>Ministry of Information Industry several times in the last
>couple of weeks, but without success. The content displayed
>on the 60,000 Chinese websites, registered with a .TK domain
>name, varies from search engines to vacation-photo
>More information about Dot TK and the Islands of Tokelau can
>be found on http://www.dot.tk.
>Hans Bouman / hans@dot.tk
>Tel: +31 20 5315725 / Cell: +31 6 50988975
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