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[atlarge-discuss] Don't Turn off the lights

Danny Younger wrote:

>Under the terms of ICANN's "Blueprint for Reform", you have been fucked.
>have failed to defend the At-Large, and must now reap the consequences of
>your lethargy.  Hope you had fun playing at crafting charters and holding

Danny, we never expected better treatment from ICANN.  It was obvious long
ago that this was the end game they were moving towards.  I'm convinced that
nothing we could have submitted would have helped change the result.  Our
only recourses now are to petition our respective governments to reject this
blueprint in the strongest possible terms, and continue our self-organizing
efforts.  We've stated for months that our best chance for change is to work
from outside for it.  That is doubly true now that there is no "inside."

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
Support democratic control of the Internet!
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