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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: Call for New Webmaster, ICANNatlarge voting reminder

On Thu, 01 Aug 2002 20:00:26 +1200, Joop Teernstra
<terastra@terabytz.co.nz> wrote:

>>      Maybe you can let the election finish before turning this into a circus.
>Nah, this thread you have started is useful, both for the voters and as 
>orientation for the future webmaster.
>My  message calling for a new webmaster and making sure that the call is 
>not limited to this non- transparent list was not circus.
>A voting reminder for the purpose of increasing  voter participation, was 
>not circus either.
>But the argument about it reveals more about some  candidates priorities 
>than any election statement ever could.

This thread when the elections are open remind us that icannatlarge has
a serious problem with the present webmaster, perhaps with the website -
but this is easier to address.

Joop, everyone here knows that your contributions, for the website and
to this list, are valuable. You are more skilled and experienced than
many of us, and you know this. But if you leverage on this too much,
the outcome will be far from your expectations (and from ours).

You said:
>Even though I am responsible for the initial website, I am a lawyer, first 
>and foremost.  My interest is a workable democratic Constitution for the At 
>Large, not the nitty-gritty of website updating.
>Did I not decline my own participation in the election because I am still 
>runing the website?

Yes, I think so. 

>As long as the Panels do not get staggered terms, the webmaster must 
>provide continuity between elections. He must have a certain amount of 
>freedom, especially when it concerns matters of resignation and transition.

No. His/her freedom should be only about how to put informations on the
website, not about substantive matters for the life of the organisation.
He has certainly the right to speak and to defend his opinion, but he
can't abuse his privileges. 
If this was not so clear to date, is because we have hear you, Joop
Teernstra, with your knowledge and your history, and not a fresh
graduate with some webdesign skills. But this is not a workable
democratic model after the bootstrap phase.

Joanna's proposal is a correct way to approach this problem, but before,
the next Panel should evaluate which kind of website is more appropriate
for this organisation now, and how much time the Panel want dedicate to
the website problem. Perhaps in this phase a simpler and less ambitious
website could work better to represent icannatlarge.


Giampaolo Bonora - bonora@nettuno.it

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