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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Why do users need a place at the table?

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002 02:26:27 EDT, DannyYounger@cs.com wrote:

>From Ross Rader's blog at byte.org:  "Why do users need a place at the table?"
>  [...]
>Any thoughts on this commentary?

this list is an answer, as well as mailing lists on everything you can
think, webforums, weblogs hosted somewhere and so on.

>I have a related question for the group:  If "users" are to be represented in 
>ICANN, should all users (and not just domain name registrants) be expected to 
>fund ICANN's activities?  Does this imply establishing contracts with the one 
>"provider" group that is not yet under contract, the ISPs, so as to have a 
>vehicle for the receipt of such funds?  

This is more complex question, not so pressing IMO. It's normal that
users have different views on this.
Everything goes through domain names, hence one solution.
This way, registrars feel theirselves as collectors and can complains
because are they are unable to distinguish very different situations
under their flat contribution.
To raise funds from access instead of domain name ownership is indeed
possible; apart some theoretical issues, the ISPs may have some
practical experience in doing so.
Frankly, this is not the users' main concern. They are interested to pay
the less and to avoid mandatory contributions if they are active instead
of passive. And they are entitled no less than any other to ask: 'funds
for what?'
Just some personal thoughts.


Giampaolo Bonora - bonora@nettuno.it

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