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[atlarge-discuss] legitimacy

Some people think you can compromise on anything, that everything is
When a lady is pregnant she cannot compromise a deal to be half
When a group is supposed to be bottoms up stakeholder based it cannot be
one quarter stakeholder based and still be stakeholder based.  You
cannot work out a deal to make things different than the truth.
We cannot make a poor woman rich without giving her money.

ICANN cannot fulfil it's oft stated mission and contracts without a
stakeholder based constituency elected board.  It's huge majority
represents business and not users and making an SO will not cure that
problem even if it looks like a nice compromise.  Hitler and Chamberlain
compromised and look where it got Europe.
Sometimes, win, lose or draw you have to stand on principal.
(regardless of whether he was correct or not Jefsey stood on a principal
today, based upon what he felt was right, Joanna has done the same many
times as has Judith and Sotiris) Here is the beginning of a strong
organization with a foundation fitting of a Cathedral rather than the
outhouse named ICANN.


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