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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Efforts since elected

Joop & Joanna (et al):

Joop you write below, “Actually it is ‘worse:’ the Panel cannot consider a silent member part of the quorum.”

Give me a BREAK! So far as I am concerned, and I’ll wager a subtantial $$$ so are most in this organization that acted to elect this panel, the PANEL IS ALWAYS IN SESSION! There is ALWAYS a virtual quorum, noisy or silent! And the panel is free to conduct its business at all times.

Those who’ve had to actually be absent from that condition have indicated when and for how long. You suggest by your view that a minority of the panel is acting unilaterally, without majority support, implicit or explicit. I simply am not observing that. I have seen all panel members speak freely in their disagreements as well as agreements.

Please, please give up the keys to the gate(s) of our “squatters settlement” to Sotoris and BE SOMEWHERE ELSE! If your contributions were nearly so good at expediting things as they are to obstructing them and consistently pointing up shortcomings you would be a hell of an asset to this group. So far I don’t see that. I fear that I shall not.

/s/ Joey

Tuesday, September 03, 2002 * 12:59 PM EDT USA

At 08:55 PM 9/3/2002 +1200, Joop Teernstra wrote:

>On 02:12 a.m. 3/09/2002 -0400, Joanna Lane said:
>>The problem is that 51% of the group are required if anything is ever going
>>to get done. It's called a majority...:-)
>Who said democracy is easy? :-/
>Actually it is "worse" : the Panel cannot consider a silent member part of the quorum.
>To make sure that every elected member is present (on-line) Panel members will actually have to *say* that they vote, yes, no or abstain.

"That's not love, that's..."

**Star*walker** Favorite Moment Quote
>From Episode 108 of Showtime's Queer As Folk (USA)
written by Richard Kramer

Scene: Brian has just brought a reluctant Justin home to his parents, in effect telling him he must return home. Seated around the Taylor's living room are Justin, his mother Jennifer Taylor , Justin's Father Craig, and Brian. Justin is in obvious distress and downcast, and his mother begins the conversation.

Jennifer:  Justin?! Do you have anything you'd like to say?... [Justin does not answer, and continues to look at the floor...] 
Well in that case I'll...uh...speak for your father and me. [pause...] We want you to come home. It's where you belong. And I think ah... Brian would agree. 
Justin's Father:  [seated beside Jennifer...] What difference does it make what Brian...?
Jennifer: [turning quickly to her husband at her left...] Excuse me, I'm speaking. Kindly let me finish. [returns her gaze to Justin, seated separately on her right...]
Justin?! [Justin continues looking to the floor...]
Brian:  Look at your mom Justin. [Justin looks up at Brian, surprised, then to his mother, resigned...]
Jennifer: You're staying here. [nods her head up and down as if prompting and assuring a small child...]
Justin:  Only if Dad says he's sorry... to Brian.
Justin's Father:  [bolts to standing....] Justin, he is the one who should be apologizing to you for chrissakes... For making you think he [grimaces...] loved you!?
Justin:  He never said he loved me. He said it was just a fuck, that's all! [Justin's father reacts in annoyance and disgust...]
But I'm OK with that because that's all it was. [gulps...] All it should be. [Brian looks on approvingly... Justin glances at him...] 
Jennifer: I think you should... go to your room now. [again nodding her head up and down as if to a small child...]
[Justin's resistance melts, he gets up, smartly turns and starts to leave the room...]
Justin's Father:  One more thing Justin. [unrelenting...]
Jennifer: Craig!! [exasperated...]
Justin's Father:  NO! No, I'm gonna say this. If you're gonna live in this house, there are rules you have to obey. You are not to go to gay bars or talk about your disgusting lifestyle. [points to Brian...] And you are NEVER, EVER to see him again. [Brian turns his head away in calm, almost calculating disgust...]
[Pause... general, all around, 'waiting-for-the-shoe-to-drop' pause and glances...]
Brian:  So, in other words, for Justin to live here with you, he has to deny who he is... what he thinks... and how he feels.
Justin's Father:  Don't ask for your opinion pal.
Brian: [exhales (not so slowly), stands up from his chair, steps in Justin's father's direction...] Well, that's not love... [looks Justin's father directly in the eyes...] That's HATE!
Justin's Father:  Get the fuck out of my house! [points in the direction of the door...]
Brian: [calmly walks past Justin's father, then past Justin who follows with his eyes, turns briefly back toward Justin...] 
Justin! You coming?!
[Justin turns briefly back to look at his parents, makes eye-contact with both, purses his lips... leaves them behind, and follows Brian!]
[The lyrics "Ride with you, I want'a really ride with you" play during the exit...]

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