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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [ncdnhc-discuss] New TLDs - plan for more

Milton and all,

  I agree with you here Milton.  As you know there is allot
of Anti-american attitudes in Europe these days.  I think they
have forgotten that we americans saved their collective butts
circa 1940-45...

  I am very sorry to see Jefsey engage in this sort of thing...
As I have a number of relatives in France and Germany in
particular, this sort of thing from Jefsey, is quite disturbing
an as you say Miltion, Warped...

Milton Mueller wrote:

> Jefsey, as usual there is something to what you say
> but reactionary antiAmericanism warps your perspective.
> Trust me when I say that there are some major european
> commercial interests who would like very much for the TLD
> space to be opened to development. And you will see
> action on that front soon.
> --MM
> >>> "J-F C. (Jefsey)  Morfin" <jefsey@club-internet.fr> 10/30/02 04:25PM >>>
> We now are in international business/political relations, facing the undue
> domainance of a foreign State. Either we see an alliance and a new
> equilibirum developpng, or we will oppose. New TLDs are a breach in the
> status quo we had been made to believe. There are serveral hypothsis on the
> motivations and the targets, including the mild one I gave.
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