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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: What am I missing...

J-F C. (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:

> Dear Walter,
> Joop is one of the few doers among us.
> http://icann-at-large.org now includes a page for @large links.
> The first link is to the current official site in disarray.
> The second one is to the restored forum.
> The third one to one to Joop's current site.
> Joop could I directly give the forum he http://forum.atlarge.ws address?
> You need to support that 3LD in your DNS and Apache confirguation file,
> targeting to the icannatlarge.com/forum directory.
> As indicated yesterday, everyone with a link to a specific action please
> profide a link
> I would be glad to link:
> - Joanna news site
> - Jan's response to ICANN
> - a page where Sotiris can report on ALAC
> etc. 
I lack a website for which you could provide a link.  Consider me as the 
classic "user," for whom the Internet is primarily a source of information 
(in contradistinction to those who view it primarily as a potential or actual 
source of profit).  If you want a link, you will have to provide it yourself.
That said, let me offer a brief "progress report" so that you and others 
might better judge the need for such a link.  I became aware of Stuart Lynn's 
 "A Plan of Action Regarding New gTLDs" through a posting on this mailing 
list by Sotiris (originated elsewhere by Thomas Roessler).  Later I mentioned 
my intent to respond to Lynn via public comment (the public comment period 
expires Dec. 8th and if I cannot meet that, I will not post a comment at 
all).  Subsequently I read Lynn's "Plan of Action" through and quickly 
realized it treated much of its content overly summarily, depending crucially 
on the earlier "Final Report of the New TLD Evaluation Process Planning Task 
Force [NTEPPTF]" published 31 July 2002.  I had not been previously aware of 
that earlier document, which had been through a draft, public comment, and 
revision process without my knowledge.  Therefore, I diverged from addressing 
Lynn's "Plan of Action" and have since taken the time to download (from the 
ICANN website) and read the "Final Report."  Although that document in turn 
references much other material, which I have not taken the time to access, I 
believe that I now understand the issues well enough to respond to Lynn (from 
a user's perspective).  My intent is to provide a comment via the ICANN web 
site, and to cross-post it here as well.  I will do so as an individual, not 
as a representative of icannatlarge.org (nor in my opinion can any one person 
lay claim to that distinction, just yet!).

At this point I can draw a few tentative conclusions.  Even though the "Final 
Report" mentioned above had been through many hands and a revision process, 
it contained several annoying typos and inconsistencies, which would have 
been caught had *any one* of the Task Force members committed him/herself to 
reading it through *critically* from start to end.  (Yes, I am aware that I 
am stepping on some toes here.  But the guiding principle is, if a person is 
willing to have his/her name on a document, that person should be responsible 
for all it contains.)
More importantly, I regret to say that my time would have been better spent 
addressing the "Final Report" rather than the derivative Lynn "Plan of 
Action."  The opportunity was lost through lack of timely knowledge.  I 
lacked perfect diligence, but was not solely to blame.  Two persons who 
regularly post on this mailing list (one of them *copiously*) had made 
comments to ICANN on drafts of the "Final Report" during the public comment 
period.  But as best as I can recall without going back through our archives, 
neither of them had cross-posted their comments here, nor had even mentioned 
in a post that such a draft document had been promulgated by ICANN and that 
they intended to respond.  Both sets of commentaries were substantive - I'll 
credit them that - but did not address every issue that I would have.
The lesson learned for this organization is that some of ICANN's 
time-critical publications are too important to let our members discover for 
themselves.  Our website, when we can finally claim to have one that works, 
should provide all necessary links.  And until that day, this mailing list 
has to be the medium that informs the membership.

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