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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: What am I missing...


I've put up some provisional comments on the "Plan of Action for the New
TLDs" here:


Unfortunately I haven't had time to write a systematic response yet, but
there are serious issues in Stuart Lynn's document. I feel the report should
be challenged on a number of issues.

Richard H

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> J-F C. (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:
> >
> > Dear Walter,
> > Joop is one of the few doers among us.
> >
> > http://icann-at-large.org now includes a page for @large links.
> > The first link is to the current official site in disarray.
> > The second one is to the restored forum.
> > The third one to one to Joop's current site.
> > Joop could I directly give the forum he http://forum.atlarge.ws address?
> > You need to support that 3LD in your DNS and Apache confirguation file,
> > targeting to the icannatlarge.com/forum directory.
> >
> > As indicated yesterday, everyone with a link to a specific action please
> > profide a link
> > I would be glad to link:
> > - Joanna news site
> > - Jan's response to ICANN
> > - a page where Sotiris can report on ALAC
> > etc.
> I lack a website for which you could provide a link.  Consider me as the
> classic "user," for whom the Internet is primarily a source of information
> (in contradistinction to those who view it primarily as a potential or
> source of profit).  If you want a link, you will have to provide it
> That said, let me offer a brief "progress report" so that you and others
> might better judge the need for such a link.  I became aware of Stuart
>  "A Plan of Action Regarding New gTLDs" through a posting on this mailing
> list by Sotiris (originated elsewhere by Thomas Roessler).  Later I
> my intent to respond to Lynn via public comment (the public comment period
> expires Dec. 8th and if I cannot meet that, I will not post a comment at
> all).  Subsequently I read Lynn's "Plan of Action" through and quickly
> realized it treated much of its content overly summarily, depending
> on the earlier "Final Report of the New TLD Evaluation Process Planning
> Force [NTEPPTF]" published 31 July 2002.  I had not been previously aware
> that earlier document, which had been through a draft, public comment, and
> revision process without my knowledge.  Therefore, I diverged from
> Lynn's "Plan of Action" and have since taken the time to download (from
> ICANN website) and read the "Final Report."  Although that document in
> references much other material, which I have not taken the time to access,
> believe that I now understand the issues well enough to respond to Lynn
> a user's perspective).  My intent is to provide a comment via the ICANN
> site, and to cross-post it here as well.  I will do so as an individual,
> as a representative of icannatlarge.org (nor in my opinion can any one
> lay claim to that distinction, just yet!).
> At this point I can draw a few tentative conclusions.  Even though the
> Report" mentioned above had been through many hands and a revision
> it contained several annoying typos and inconsistencies, which would have
> been caught had *any one* of the Task Force members committed him/herself
> reading it through *critically* from start to end.  (Yes, I am aware that
> am stepping on some toes here.  But the guiding principle is, if a person
> willing to have his/her name on a document, that person should be
> for all it contains.)
> More importantly, I regret to say that my time would have been better
> addressing the "Final Report" rather than the derivative Lynn "Plan of
> Action."  The opportunity was lost through lack of timely knowledge.  I
> lacked perfect diligence, but was not solely to blame.  Two persons who
> regularly post on this mailing list (one of them *copiously*) had made
> comments to ICANN on drafts of the "Final Report" during the public
> period.  But as best as I can recall without going back through our
> neither of them had cross-posted their comments here, nor had even
> in a post that such a draft document had been promulgated by ICANN and
> they intended to respond.  Both sets of commentaries were substantive -
> credit them that - but did not address every issue that I would have.
> The lesson learned for this organization is that some of ICANN's
> time-critical publications are too important to let our members discover
> themselves.  Our website, when we can finally claim to have one that
> should provide all necessary links.  And until that day, this mailing list
> has to be the medium that informs the membership.
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