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[atlarge-discuss] Jeff Williams vs Star Chamber

Hello Jeff:


I have to start by saying that quite frankly we in the East Coast Chapter of INEG are more than a little worried about you.  Several members are reporting that you do not answer your email or return phone calls (they even say your phone is disconnected) and generally treat them as if they weren't real at all.  I know these past few weeks with these despicable morals charges and accusations of corporate fraud have not been easy on you.  But that shouldn't stand in the way of properly organizing the INEG Meeting that coincides with the ICANN Annual Meeting in Amsterdam on December 14 and 15.  You are going to have to focus Jeff on the agenda and make sure everything goes smoothly.  My secretary says that you haven't even ordered all the hamburgers we will be needing when we meet at MacDonalds in Amsterdam.  Now the manager of MacDonalds was very specific about us ordering ahead of time if we had a lot of people attending.  Since we are getting the dining room for free to hold !
r meeting the least we can do is make sure he has enough meat on hand for all the Big Macs (or try the Amsterdam Special which substitutes pickled herring for ground beef).  We have to put on a good show Jeff at Amsterdam and prove to the world we don't care if they think we have a Chief Executive Officer that is a dirty old man and a thief.  By the way, I understand your nervousness about distributing the press releases that create a legal distance between INEG and yourself but we have to look at the Big Picture here.  What is more important, the preservation of a 127k member organization or the executive level position of a career criminal?  I'm sure once you've given it some thought you will wholeheartedly agree with our team of attorneys and accountants.  It is the common good of the whole rather than the individual that counts.  And we wish you would reconsider about those press releases Jeff because the security camera video tapes from the Super 8 Motel are making Inde!
ndent Investigator Fume just shake his head and say "tsk tsk tsk".  I got a cell phone call from him last night.  Although there was a lot of static from a thunderstorm passing over Grapevine, Texas, I distinctly heard him say something about "Jeff Williams always rented Room 13 every Friday and Saturday night and that the cleaning staff had found holes behind pictures on the walls that looked into the rooms on either side of Room 13".  Now I'm not too sure about this second part but it sounded like he said that "the cleaning lady also found a black neoprene rubber wetsuit from a company called Squirmco (http://www.squirmco.com/about.html) that was left behind when Jeff Williams checked out on Sunday.  They say the wetsuit was covered thick with petroleum jelly on the INSIDE!".  It starts to make a little more sense why you rented a Super 8 Motel room so close to home rather than bringing your friends over to the house where you live with your Mama.  Our attorney wishes to a!
ise you Jeff that it might be best if you retained the services of a private attorney rather than continue to use the team from INEG.  He said it was just a "formality" and that we would still be very much involved in the legal matters surrounding the charges resultant from your non-company time activities.  Please get back to me so we can start to send out those disclaimers.  


As Always your Friend and One of the Founding Members,



Larry Fuss 

Spokesman for INEGroup/East Coast Chapter - (Over 127k members/stakeholders strong!) 

Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC. 

E-Mail: fussman2003@yahoo.com 

Contact Number: 709-466-4353 or 709-466-1180 

Address: 525 Palmtree Lane Clarenville NF A0E1J0

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