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[atlarge-discuss] "IPv6 & ICANN is..."


My main concern is the 'expense' to the 3rd World at-large, as it
relates to the: Entry into IPv6 based systems ( entering a IPv6 Portal),
the expense of IPv6 Host equipment, and Cost to the Lower World society
as it relates to the "Loss" of invention, discovery, and quality of life
due to the barriers that make Knowledge inaccessible for them.

>Why? the Web has a lower barrier to entry and access to a wider user 
>base / more eyeballs / whatever marketing term you wanna use.

Stephen, I just don't see market forces bring the 'prices' down. To me,
there is a base 'cost' of services that will remain un-attainable to the
Lower World consumer, this cost will rise proportionally to the
Multinational's ROI goals, and will remain un-attainable for those
people, as ROI's are inched-up. We should be focusing on the concerns
of, people who are (or should be) trying to find something to eat,
before we glitz them with internet services, the 'Knowledge' they seek
to make gains in the World must be free (minimum) in order for a
progressive humanity to exist. IPv6 represent a portion of this Base
cost, the Engineering behind the IPv6 protocol represents another type
of base cost the "Loss" factor. ("Loss" of = 'invention, discovery, and
quality of life', If they can't participate, they cannot contribute)

You've heard the term a 'Cycle of Poverty' [a book by Senator McManohan,
Wis.], I see IPv6 as a instrument that contributes to this process.
Again, the initial intent of the internet was that of the 'Library of
Human Knowledge', a way for under privilege persons to access knowledge
and improve their respective position in Life. 

Here's another parallel on Market demands we can work with. Consider the
advent of television, here was a system of Television transmitters
[TVv4], they broadcast a signal from a single or syndicated point(s).
The Content provided along this Channel was distributed freely over its
bandwidth modulation (13 VHF & 32 UHF frequencies: Carrier frequencies)
to the end user. Then came TVv6, it is distributed within another
bandwidth modulation (Coax Cable TV, Dish) to the end user, the
exception is that there is now a charge associated with the 'Service' (a
monthly Cable TV Charge).

Back to market forces: ??? How many Arial Antennas do you see in your
neighborhood ??? The market in the First world has definitely moved to
the TVv6 format, However the Third World is very much tuned in buy Arial
transmission TVv4. Why is this? It is a matter of affordability, not
market forces, that allow the First World to afford the cost and the
Third world find it un-affordable. In other words, People who would
benefit the most from the: Learning, History, and Discovery Channels,
can not, because they cannot afford it, and the Knowledge escapes them.
(Burn the Books)

This economic segregation exacerbates the 'Knowledge' gap between the
hath and hath-not, and contributes to the Cycle of Poverty in the Third

James Khan 

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I guess I don't see how this is any different than the present VPN over
IPv4 situation (or even user/pass protected sites). Is your worry that
IPv6 makes VPN too easy? I.e., that IPv6 will cause over-proliferation
of VPN?

I think that so long as it is easy to [re]publish proprietary data on
the Web or via P2P software (which is really just VPN-for-dummies...),
there will be a natural market tendency against VPN Hell. Why? the Web
has a lower barrier to entry and access to a wider user base / more
eyeballs / whatever marketing term you wanna use.

It's just a matter of time and critical mass before it happens with a
given set of data.


On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 14:57, jkhan wrote:
> Jefsey/Tim,
> I will need time to give a precise documentation (citing the proper US
> Court Cases), but for now I will give you an historical example.


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