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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Forum restoration and apology

At 09:40 a.m. 3/12/2002, Bret Fausett wrote:
If there's value in having a web-based forum (an open question, in my mind), then we ought to have it on our site. I think the last few days shows the folly in trying to work with Joop.

Thanks for dropping your mask here on this list.

How many people here realize that you endorsed Alejandro Pisanty as Board member?

My apologies to all for mistakenly entrusting the hosting of the original bottom-up At Large website to Bret Fausett.

But I agree that you ought to have the Forum on "our site". What you have contributed to "our site" is the removal from the front page of everything that was "remotely controversial" (your words) i.e. embarrassing to ICANN. Plus you removed the entire Forum and broke all the website links pointing to Forum postings and Topics.

Yes, please restore the Forum on icannatlarge.org. Remove what is remotely controversial. Institute the "mailing list death penalty" that you advocated on the GA list. Make sure that everything is firmly under central control. Yours and Roessler's.

Fortunately the Net is a big place...


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