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[atlarge-discuss] Please don't feed any trolls.

At 03.12.2002 11:15, Joop Teernstra wrote:
>At 09:40 a.m. 3/12/2002, Bret Fausett wrote:
>>If there's value in having a web-based forum (an open question, in my mind), then we ought to have it on our site. I think the last few days shows the folly in trying to work with Joop.
>Thanks for dropping  your mask here on this list.
etc. etc.

I know that some may now want to defend Bret, which will in
turn lead to counterattacks etc.

Please don't. Trash your personal attack before sending it.
Let's focus on the issues. Let's continue the discussion we
were having about the future role of this organization. Let's
not be distracted -- the list is in a bad enough shape as it
is, and such on-list flamewars have already destroyed previous

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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