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[atlarge-discuss] Jeff Williams vs Star Chamber

Hello Jeff:


Things are not looking good buddy.  That fling you had with the naked goat is not going away.  We threw a lot of money at it but most of the attorneys in the legal department of INEG are walking around with their heads down trying not to make eye contact.  And it gets worse.  As a Frat Bro I have to tell you that not only are you being probed by our INEGroup internal investigation but the Texas State Attorney General has made inquiries.  I guess your postings have made a difference in the wrong direction because their initial communications seem to indicate that they think you have terrorist connections!  I know this may be hard to grasp what with all the problems you've been experiencing lately but Jeff you may want to sit down while I tell you this.  From what I can gather from A.T. (the Attorney General likes to be called by that) he thinks that you are being funded by terrorist organizations!  Now I tried to reassure A.T. that this was the furthest thing from the truth b!
 he was pretty worked up about it.  He began to reel off a list that seems to cast a lot of doubt about the foundation of INEG.  He thinks we came out of nothing.  For instance he made mention of the website that isn't there (which IS a strange thing because we are an internet company after all!), the 127k membership claim with only 4 INEG people showing up on this post list, a corporate phone number that is disconnected, a company address in the middle of a pasture, and you making threats to Abel Wisman about sending his name to the FBI as a possible traitor (http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-discuss/0211/msg00410.html).  As A.T. said, "The FBI don't know who Abel Wisman is nor do they want to know.  What they do want to know is who is Jeff Williams?".  Boy oh boy, Jeff, I gotta tell ya the hair stood up on the back of my neck when ol' A. T. cast his one good eye on my person.  This man is looking to grab some headlines and I'm afraid that he thinks he has found someone to make h!
dlines for him.  You.  I gave him a piece of my mind about trying to make something of what wasn't there but he is convinced that you are not real.  So I asked him what did he think you were and he answered that you were just a really stupid idea for somebody to hide behind so they could work off aggression and anger and frustration and force people to believe the same way or be punished for it if they didn't.  Which if you think about it Jeff is pretty much what terrorists do don't you think?  I didn't know what to say after that but just stutter.  I, I, I said to A.T. that Jeff Williams had to be a real person because I remember going to school with you and all but he said that Jeff Williams is just a metaphor for what is unhappy in this world and a poor substitute for my own need to make a difference.  That and probably too much alcohol late at night.  I must have gotten dizzy right after because when I woke up A.T. was splashing water on my face.  This must have been wha!
t !
it felt like to be a VP at Enron those last few weeks.  Everything is falling down around us Jeff and I don't know now what is real and what isn't!


I have to go lie down now.  More later.


Your Frat Brother I think,


Larry Fuss

Spokesman for INEGroup/East Coast Chapter-(Over 127k members/stakeholders strong!)

Information Network Eng. Group, INEG, INC.

E-Mail: fussman2003@yahoo.com

Contact Number: 709-466-4353 or 709-466-1180

Address: 525 Palmtree Lane Clarenville NF A0E1J0

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