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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ga] Open call to join

At 04:05 a.m. 1/01/2003, J-F C. (Jefsey)  Morfin wrote:

Joop, your polling booth has always been a pain because of the need to remember an ID/password.

This can be helped by making a "reminder" message w. login and PW obligatory for every Poll.

Could you just not find a way to have the passwords in the URL, a maiol sent to the voters and the mail repeated several times so we could only click on the link, either to vote or to know the status of the vote.
That shouldn't be too difficult to do.
But we would have to be careful not to leave openings for technical abuse.

Also that all the running votes are displayed in the same page, to keep it simple.

I also suggest that you establish a "vote@large" organization under any cheap be serious law where at large voters could elect four other polling officers sharing your access to the boot data and certifying the votes.

My feeling is that the boot failed until now because you cannot really adapt it to practical experience and because you wanted to integrate it into a formal structure.
Yes. What I hoped was that the IDNO would prove the value of such an actually functioning integrated political representation system in a virtual meeting environment. The hope was that participating in the IDNO would produce actual representatives that could actually have some weight in the Names Council and so give a purpose to the whole effort.
The continual stonewalling by ICANN combined with the internal sabotage made it too discouraging to continue on that road. But now the www.idno.org website has been killed, the effort from the old site www.democracy.org.nz can always be revived

As a stand alone formal and a neutral service it has chances to fly and develop. Is there no way for you to make what I call for three years : to get a programmer on it and to make it a real professional and possibly commercial poll and voting multi-lingual system?
This is a sensible suggestion and worth listening to.

I will gladly help in this way too. Even imperfect as it is now, the Booth can fulfill a useful role in building icannatlarge.
There is no inherent conflict of interest between a commercial voting administrator and the principles of Democracy. Rather the contrary :-).

But you still need a unique Charter/Bylaws/Constitution for the Atlarge Network Hub that the icannatlarge.org should evolve into.
Who do you trust to write it?

Isn't Richard right to poll the "members" on the major Structure and Policy questions first?


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