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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ga] Open call to join


I'm happy with the concept that people can choose to vote (a), choose to
vote (b), choose to vote (a + b).

I'm just interested in the membership having a say because this issue is

Happy New Year to you, and to all on this list!

Richard H

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> At 05:56 31/12/02, Joop Teernstra wrote:
> >Richard,
> >Would you agree if the  Polling Questions in the Booth were phrased:
> >"
> >Do you want:
> >(A) want the group to help build up ICANN's Regional At Large
> >Organizations and structures? (provide an informational link) (Yes/No
> >/Undecided)
> >(B) want the group to form a coalition with its own structures OUTSIDE
> >ICANN scheme, independent from the  "At Large"  that ICANN is trying
> >to develop. (Yes/No /Undecided)
> >"
> Provided that A and B are NOT perceived as alternatives I do second that.
> Joop, your polling booth has always been a pain because of the need to
> remember an ID/password. Could you just not find a way to have the
> passwords in the URL, a maiol sent to the voters and the mail  repeated
> several times so we could only click on the link, either to vote or to
> the status of the vote.
> Also that all the running votes are displayed in the same page, to keep it
> simple.
> I also suggest that you establish a "vote@large" organization under any
> cheap be serious law where at large voters could elect four other polling
> officers sharing your access to the boot data and certifying the votes.
> My feeling is that the boot failed until now because you cannot really
> adapt it to practical experience and because you wanted to integrate it
> into a formal structure. As a stand alone formal and a neutral service it
> has chances to fly and develop. Is there no way for you to make what I
> for three years : to get a programmer on it and to make it a real
> professional and possibly commercial poll and voting multi-lingual system?
> jfc

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