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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ga] Open call to join

At 05:56 31/12/02, Joop Teernstra wrote:
Would you agree if the Polling Questions in the Booth were phrased:
Do you want:
(A) want the group to help build up ICANN's Regional At Large Organizations and structures? (provide an informational link) (Yes/No /Undecided)
(B) want the group to form a coalition with its own structures OUTSIDE the
ICANN scheme, independent from the "At Large" that ICANN is trying
to develop. (Yes/No /Undecided)

Provided that A and B are NOT perceived as alternatives I do second that.

Joop, your polling booth has always been a pain because of the need to remember an ID/password. Could you just not find a way to have the passwords in the URL, a maiol sent to the voters and the mail repeated several times so we could only click on the link, either to vote or to know the status of the vote.

Also that all the running votes are displayed in the same page, to keep it simple.

I also suggest that you establish a "vote@large" organization under any cheap be serious law where at large voters could elect four other polling officers sharing your access to the boot data and certifying the votes.

My feeling is that the boot failed until now because you cannot really adapt it to practical experience and because you wanted to integrate it into a formal structure. As a stand alone formal and a neutral service it has chances to fly and develop. Is there no way for you to make what I call for three years : to get a programmer on it and to make it a real professional and possibly commercial poll and voting multi-lingual system?


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