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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ga] Open call to join

At 02:54 01/01/03, Jeff Williams wrote:
Eric and all,
Seems that US bashing is a popular past time in France these days.
Seems that French bashing over supposed French US bashing has become one of your favorite theme :-) If you enjoy it ....

I personally am saddened by it, but not ashamed or concerned of our world leadership.
"our"? :-)

I hope that Jefsey will in the near future come to his senses in this respect. In any event, I wish Jefsey a happy new year anyway! Happy New Year Jefsey! >;)
Thank you! Any objection to extend it to *all* the people and nations?

LEt's all hope that the scourge of CENSORSHIP now practiced by the operator of this atlarge-discuss list will be discontinued in the new year...
Jeff, it appears that for some reason one cannot be reinstalled as a poster if one does not ask for it. I objected to that and I asked you would be, in my own name and at my onw request. Please let me know if you have problems posting now: if it was so I would certainly resign over this.

Happy new yer to the over 127k INEGroup people.

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