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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [ga] Open call to join

At 03:39 a.m. 3/01/2003, J-F C. (Jefsey)  Morfin wrote:

I think it is a step too far for the tool. The way we perceive your polling booth is the "Joop's polling booth he tries to sell everywhere". This is positive because everyone identifies verywell the polling booth mission. The negative aspect comes from the idea that you want to propose more than just polling.

Just for my interest, who is "we" :-) ?

You are right that I propose more than providing a Polling Service.

The reason I am here is because I am concerned about the rights of Individuals, especially Individuals who own (hold) Domain Names.

I foresee tyranny and therefore I put my last hope on democracy, which needs tools like an anonymous Polling Booth, polling Rules , a Polling Committee that is independent from the executive, Bylaws to regulate divisions of Power, etc.

I paid for the creation of the Polling Booth not in order to "sell it everywhere", but so that democratic self-organizing could be enabled. In ICANN primarily. I also suggested draft polling Rules and the neccessary minimum Charter to keep a democracy independent.

I do not mind if further enhancements and improvements to the Polling Booth could be self-financed from some commercialization.
There is no conflict with its primary purpose,
as long as any such commercialization would not come at the expense of my rights to political speech.

So let rephrase your marketing. We do not want to elect reps with a polling booth. We need a polling booth when we need to vote or to poll.

These needs may be for electing reps, voting by laws, etc.

The continual stonewalling by ICANN combined with the internal sabotage made it too discouraging to continue on that road. But now the www.idno.org website has been killed, the effort from the old site www.democracy.org.nz can always be revived
I would use a more sexy name. No problem with http://vote.atlarge.ws for atlarge.
The URL for the polling booth is www.pollingbooth.info Good idea to link to it from http://vote.atlarge.ws

As a stand alone formal and a neutral service it has chances to fly and develop. Is there no way for you to make what I call for three years : to get a programmer on it and to make it a real professional and possibly commercial poll and voting multi-lingual system?
This is a sensible suggestion and worth listening to.

will gladly help in this way too. Even imperfect as it is now, the Booth can fulfill a useful role in building icannatlarge.
Sure, if you can manage it the say I said. Actually we would need a system able :

1. to support the panel inner votes.
I am willing (if the Panel approves) to give an administrator account to you immediately, so that you can start servicing the Panel votes.

I will set up the Voters Roll, so that you can send Ballot announcements to all Panel members and post Panel Vote options in a space that only the Panel Members can see.
I will help you if you have questions on how to use the interface and how to set up a Voters' Roll yourself.

One thing: within days after I gave out the admin login to the Forum, someone "hacked" the Forum by simply using the admin account.
If the Polling Booth would be defaced like that, it will be used to discredit it. Discrediting a voting system is always useful for those who want to obstruct voting.

2. to support polls of the members opinion to the benefit of the community and of sponsors (we represent a competent significant market panel)
An elected Polling Committee should be responsible to the community in how the Polling facility is used. This election has a high priority.

3. to support votes by the membership
Yes. The Polling Committee should endorse someone as a polling Officer to actually carry out this task.

1.Posting the Ballot text
2. setting the voting options
3. send out the ballot messages
4. sending a reminder 24 hours before the vote closes.
Due to anti-spamming rules of the host, the ballot messages have to go out in batches.

Having the Panel approve all this would be helpful.


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