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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Panel Mandate options

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> >I don't support you sending this. I'd rather see the watchers
> >like Judith send it. Anyone (I will if needed and asked) can
> >provide the service if they don't have access to the technology,
> >but to eliminate as many voices of dissent, I'd like you to have
> >a hands-off policy in regards to the email list.
> I understand and agree.
> I will use the full list, when I get it from Jan or Judyth.  If  they
> decide not to give it to me, I will used the opt-in method that Jan and
> Walt have approved.

Acting as your "guinea pig" subject for the opt-in method, I have found that 
it seems to work as advertised.  So I'm satisfied to stick with it for now.  

> >  As of now, we
> >have 3 folks in possession of this list (do you have a different
> >one?
> >Yes
> >Additional people?
> No.  19 of Vittorio's newest signups are lacking. 18 real people (one is
> not an individual)

The list does not explicitly identify the "20" or "19" (or whatever) latest 
signups.  In order to avoid taking a controversial action, I'll hold onto the 
mailing list for now, but will request Vittorio to identify that 
particular group for me (or send the names/addresses separately) and, with 
his permission, forward them on to you.

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