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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Panel, elections and over-delaying maneuvers... with a "prequel"

Judyth Mermelstein wrote:

| I must also dispute Jeff Williams' contention that the Panel is
| defunct. We do have some Panel-members who have a) not resigned,
| and b) not been removed by the membership. Their legitimacy
| to make wider decisions has been questioned but I don't think
| any of us here believe elections will hold themselves
| spontaneously, which means we do need that Panel to organize
| the process.

Thank you.  I agree.  Can we have the list now?

| In the meantime, I have also received Abel Wisman's message
| offering what seems like a quite sensible mechanism for the
| group's elections, and I share his desire that our remaining
| Panel give it consideration as soon as possible. It is, of
| course, up to the group to decide who should conduct the
| elections in what manner, but the Panel could certainly
| expedite such a decision by spelling out how it believes
| this can best be done.

I have no problem with Abel's generous offer, particularly if it moves the
election effort forward.  By it's description, this is similar to a system
Jefsey suggested months ago.

| I'm afraid this requires yet another response from me. I
| object strongly to the aspersions cast on the characters of
| Jan Siren and myself. The "current list hi-jacking by non-elected
| people" consists of our having received information we did not
| ask for --as Jefsey knows and has admitted previously-- and our
| refusal to give it to him without some sign that somebody
| besides himself wants us to.

I agree in principle.  Judyth and Jan were the unsolicited recipients of the
list.  If any "hijacking" was perpetrated, the fault for that would fall on
Vittorio, not them.  However, that said, their continued denial of the at
list to myself, Jefsey, and now Eric -- who has apparently accepted his role
a replacement panelist -- to allow us to conduct the election is another
thing entirely, and must clearly laid at their feet.

The fact is, several others besides myself and Jefsey have asked for the
list to be released to the Panel.

| As I've explained before, I have not so much as opened the lists
| myself: I am just holding them so they can be used in the elections.
| At this point, I would hesitate to play any part in organizing
| or attempting to scrutineer in those elections. In fact, given
| how Jefsey evidently feels about me, nothing useful is likely
| to be achieved by my serving on any committee he is part of.

I wouldn't go that far.  At this point Jefsey is speaking more out of
frustration than anything.  He, like I, sees this organization floundering,
and wants to see it succeed.

| I also very much doubt it is wise for a group like ours to
| let its Panel designate one person as Spokesman for all issues
| and all circumstances, especially without a mandate from the
| membership and in the absence of any agreement as to what this
| group wants to say to whom. It is no discredit to Joop to
| admit that at this point he speaks primarily for himself, as
| do all of us.

I agree.  But we have much to do -- election, incorporation, bylaws, etc. --
before we address this issue.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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