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RE: [atlarge-discuss] election or disbanding

Jefsey's list of compalaints here is valid.  We are a non-organization going
nowhere fast unless we move and have elections NOW!

Judyth and Jan: if you are unable or unwilling to do this, please pass the
list to me and I'll do it all myself, including you two as watchdogs to
count the vote.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
Support democratic control of the Internet!
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| -----Original Message-----
| From: J-F C. (Jefsey) Morfin [mailto:jefsey@club-internet.fr]
| Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 12:12 AM
| To: espresso@e-scape.net; atlarge-discuss@lists.fitug.de
| Subject: Re: [atlarge-discuss] election or disbanding
| All what you say, and re-say and quote only say the same
| thing:
| At 18:21 17/03/03, espresso@e-scape.net wrote:
| >Otherwise I think I will resign too and let Jefsey continue with
| >Satyajit and whoever he wants.
| either Vittorio is the Chair and the panel has voted to
| organize the elections. Or he is not the Chair and I am
| to help the Panel to organize the elections it voted.
| either Vittorio is the Chair and Eric is an elected
| non-yet Panelist, or Vittorio resigned and Bruce
| and me may call Eric as well as all the others as
| Panelist elect.
| Until Vittorio's mail saying he resigned from every
| Chairmanship he had, he had not resigned. Now,
| he has, I join Bruce in calling every Panelist elect
| to join the Panel.
| >From: <bruce@barelyadequate.info>
| >| So, on behalf of the remaining Panelists, as I am sure that
| >| Bruce, I cannot reach now, will support this,
| >I do!
| >This is Bruce's ballot in my informal vote:
| I am sorry you totally disregarded my vote. I totally
| agree with Bruce, in front of your biased ballot.
| I totally oppose that you give the list to any Member.
| I only demand that you give it back to its legitimate
| owner: the Group which it has been stolen from by
| Vittorio and that the Panel represents, and that
| the remaining Panelists said you and Jan were
| legitimate de facto co-trustees, with them not as
| individuals but as elected Panelists with the mission
| to do it. (Had I known that we would have to go
| through the ordeal you impose on us to carry that
| mission, bleieve me I would bever have been a
| candidate ! and I am not a candidate anymore.
| I will leve others to survive you :-).
| BTW on a personal point of view I deeply resent that
| you had not the decency to put the standard option
| on your Gallup and did not reported first to the Members
| that I told you so when voting.
| >That's *exactly* what went wrong with Joop and Vittorio on
| >previous occasions, and I was  sorely disappointed to learn
| >that you favour the same methods.
| What you do not see is that this is what is going deeply
| wrong with you. And that what you did not do has now
| lead to a take over by Mr. Teernstra after Mr. Bertola used
| our silence/silencing to be lected to ALAC.
| >I  understand that may be the way your impatience shows
| >itself, and I'm impatient now myself - but I still think the
| >group needs to develop a habit of working together
| >democratically or there's literally no point to its existence.
| Yes. Ma'am. Aie, aie, ma"am.
| But while you developped your doctroing of us, among a
| few things:
| - Vittorio has been elected ALAC and has confused the
|    ITU ccTLD meetng defending politcial ˘ptions which
|    are now used by some detrimentally to the ccTLDs
|    and will probably deeply affect the future of the DN
|    holders.
| - we did not even had a mail onthe matter but mine.
|    So we are very far of a position!
| - Joop has started his take over of this group
| - we have officially lost of few of us and in reallity
|    probably many
| - we have no Panel
| - we have no position for Rio so after the Amsterdam
|    ringmarole: we have lost every credibility
| - we have no incorporation permitting us to claim
|    our rights to the host
| - we have no incorporation permitting us to claim
|    our rights to the DN registrar
| - we have a totally outdated site
| - new members are coming though two different
|    sources, so the division is quite consumated
| - after many others wanting to impose others their
|    own theoric democracy to support their own
|    agenda instead of pragmatically serving it,
|    we now have a new member on the list.
| It was a job well done.
| >By the way, I've been reading every word but that's not to say
| >I must inevitably agree with every word. If you're entitled
| >to dismiss my opinions, you must surely realize I don't have
| >to adopt yours.
| I have no opinion. You have plenty.
| I only try to go by the few existing rules of our
| mission statement and normal democratic behavior
| among civilized democratic countries. Which is to
| serve others in permitting them to practically say
| what they want.
| Not in doctoring them on the way they should
| theorically behave.
| You want them to build a Unesco. I only want
| them to be permitted to vote for a Panel (even
| electing you) where I am not candidate, to
| incorporate a serious secretariat, so this incredible
| situation does not reproduce and they may protect
| the Members list from the hi-jacking by Joop,
| Vittorio, Jan and you we faced. Then them to
| proceed the way they want, even against all
| what I personnally think they should do (what
| has not to interfere while I organize their vote).
| And then to never hear about this anymore.
| Dear King Joop, dear Queen Judyth
| God bless you. I have nothing against monarchy,
| to the countrary, but this is not monarchy this
| is kingship, royalty. A monarchy is democratic,
| the kingship you attempt is not.
| jfc
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