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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Election Preparation

espresso@e-scape.net wrote:

> I've got nothing against forums per se but isn't it time
> we started recognizing that our proto-organization is
> *one* entity whose name, for better or worse, is
> ICANNATLARGE.ORG and which needs to pull together and
> run one election process rather than have one set of
> people on the mailing list and another set on the forum
> while the people who don't hang out in either get left
> out?

Such "people" have no business among us then, and I bet most of them are phonies
anyway, or at best proxy votes for the Benedict Arnolds among us.  I'll say it
again, democracy is participatory.  If they don't participate, how do we know they
exist, or that they're not simply proxies?  No Judyth, I think Joop's proposal is
quite sound.  I, for one, prefer the forum for these purposes... so much more
convenient than downloading the oftentimes huge volume of email from this list
(along with the spam that inevitably sneaks in too).  In fact, I would say that if
we want to be more efficient and low-bandwidth friendly, we stick to the online
forum entirely for these purposes.

Sotiris Sotiropoulos

P.S.  Judyth, some of us are still waiting for your "proposal" for a voting
mechanism, remember?  :-)

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