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Re: [atlarge-discuss] FYI: Anonymity, identity and authority

On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 10:04, Sotiris Sotiropoulos wrote:
> Stephen Waters wrote:
> > <snip>
> >
> >I guess I was focusing in on "have their identity notarized", i.e.,
> >people who needed to keep their identity secret because of their country
> >of origin...  not so much on the dollar value.
> >
> Name one country whose citizens need to maintain a secret identity to 
> participate on this list.  In the last 5 years, I have not heard of a 
> single such case... only apologists from the developed world who keep 
> bringing this scenario up without a concrete example or staement of fact.

the example i had in mind was China. i count two Chinese members:
* i2, funs. From Shenzhen, China
* Ren, Carina. From Beijing, China

who knows if they are legitimate? who knows if others would want to join
if we made a "quiet" option for joining?

i don't, you don't, and no one will know unless we open up. I don't know
Chinese -- maybe we just need a Chinese translation and the hordes would

all I'm saying is we shouldn't raise the barrier to entry without
considering all the ramifications.


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