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[atlarge-discuss] REPORT on VOTE 2003-8 a, b & c

Whereas the vote on this motion was closed on June 25th. 2003

>>  Motion to utilize new members-mailing list.
>>considering the need for a members-only mailing list that allows all
>>subscribers to see the names of their fellow subscribers,
>>considering the need for a list where non-members have no posting 
>>considering that such a list is available at discuss@icannatlarge.com,

>>Considering that this list is set to allow all subscribers to see the 
>>names of their fellow subscribers
>>I MOVE that the Panel Chair send a message in the name of the Panel to
>>the existing ML at fitug.de inviting all registered members to sign up

Moved my Joop Teernstra, seconded by Sotiris Sotiropoulos

debated and now up for VOTE

[ ] FOR
[ ] Against
[ ] present but abstain
[ ] in favour of new members-only mailing list , but prefer mailing list

discuss@icannatlarge.org controlled  by Abel Wisman  as per Motion
alternative: "alternatively I move that Abel Wisman be appointed
listowner and interim 
list administrator for a list discuss@icannatlarge.org to be set up by
in a similary transparent way"
[ ] against this alternative

MOVE that the list administrator will be tasked with verifying
when allowing subscription to the list
Moved by Joop Teernstra, waiting for seconding

[ ] second
[ ] oppose

For the proposal to setup memberlist on icannatlarge.com: 3 votes

For the proposal to setup memberlist on icannatlarge.org: 4 votes

Against the proposal(s): 1 vote (DG)
Opposing the proposal(s): 1 vote (AW)

The proposal to setup a members only and moderated maillist on
icannatlarge.org has the majority over the opposers and the
icannatlarge.com and is therefor carried.

To add membership verification to the task of the list admin: In favour:
4 Votes (DT/HB/AR/JT)
Against: 4 votes (SS/DC/AW/DG)

This proposal failed to reach a majority and is therefore not carried.

Voted in this vote the following panelmembers:


Not voted 

IMT where Ivonne is excused due to her computer problems.

Kind regards

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