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[atlarge-discuss] REPORT on VOTE on MOTION 2003-16 moderated maillist rules

Seeing as at this moment in time 7 people have voted and that this is a
Seeing that 2 panel-members Abstained and 5 voted in favour, my vote
will not be a deciding one.
The 3 remaining votes can not change the outcome of this vote.
Voting will remain open for the other panel-members until time expires.

This motion has carried and can now be effected:

I kindly as for at least 3 member-candidates for moderator-status of
this list.

Kind regards


Whereas it is decided that there will be a moderated members only
mailing list;

It is therefore proposed to:

Facilitate the members with a moderated mailing list under the following
rules and regulations.

There will be a team of 3 moderators.
Appeal against the moderators decision is possible by writing a
motivated appeal-notice to the panel, the panel will have the final
verdict upon reviewing all facts and will rule preferably within 72
hours upon filing an appeal.

By subscribing you agree to be bound by these rules.

1. This Mailing List is a volunteer effort of icannatlarge members.
Respect it. It is there to support a cooperative effort that should 
earn the respect of all. 

2. This forum is moderated. Moderation consists of exhortations by a
moderator who reminds forum members of the rules and can give warnings. 
In order to prevent unpleasant situations from arising, remember the
golden rule: "do not feed the troll", i.e., ignore the person who tries
to abuse the list by stirring up emotions. 

3. Remain civil at all times, even when you feel provoked. Persistent
incivility will be rewarded with removal from the List. 

You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, libelous, hateful,
threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate
any applicable laws. Doing so willfully may lead to being immediately
and permanently banned or your posting rights being restricted. 
As a subscriber you agree that any posting that you have made is being
stored in a web based archive. 
Civility includes not reposting private correspondence, unless such
correspondence was abusive or threatening and its reposting is in the
public interest. 

4. Provocations by way of false statements. 
Many of the people that will congregate on the icannatlarge ML, have
interacted with each other before. 
To forestall a repeat the pattern of character assassination that has
prevailed on other mailing lists, the following rules will apply with 
regards to False Statements: 

False statements can be made innocently as a result of an honest mistake
in recollection. However, they can also serve as highly effective 
provocations that skirt the civility rule. 

a. When an allegedly false statement is made, each member who knows
otherwise has the right to challenge the statement with the comment
FALSE or PLEASE RETRACT. However, the member being challenged may ignore
the challenge without fear of repercussion unless the challenging member
quotes the exact statement being challenged and states the basis on
which the challenging member knows the statement to be false. b. When
such a challenge is issued, the poster so challenged must provide
evidence of the truth of his statement within 5 days, or retract. 
c. Repeated refusal to retract unproven statements is followed by
removal from the Mailing list. 
d. When the challenged statement is a negative, (such as "I have never
said...") and therefore not provable, the challenger must provide proof
that the statement is false or retract his challenge within 5 days. 
e. Refusal to retract an unproven FALSE challenge in case of a negative
statement can also lead to removal from the Mailing list. 

Respecting low bandwidth recipients: 

5. Mail posted to the list should in ASCII and be free of attachments. 
Postings should not contain unnecessary quotes and tailings from
previous postings. Postings must not contain commercial messages. 

6. At times of heavy list traffic, the moderator may impose daily
posting limits for all but Panel Members and Committee Chairs. The
suggested limit is 5 posts per 24 hours.

These rules are enforced at the discretion of elected Moderators and
will be in force until replaced with democratically agreed rules via a

VOTE on Motion 2003-16 moderated maillist rules:

Motion moved by Sotiris and Hugh

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