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Re: [atlarge-discuss] REPORT on VOTE on MOTION 2003-16 moderated maillist rules

Abel Wisman wrote:
> Seeing as at this moment in time 7 people have voted and that this is a
> quorum.
> Seeing that 2 panel-members Abstained and 5 voted in favour, my vote
> will not be a deciding one.
> The 3 remaining votes can not change the outcome of this vote.
> Voting will remain open for the other panel-members until time expires.
> This motion has carried and can now be effected:
> I kindly as for at least 3 member-candidates for moderator-status of
> this list.


> 4. Provocations by way of false statements.
> Many of the people that will congregate on the icannatlarge ML, have
> interacted with each other before.
> To forestall a repeat the pattern of character assassination that has
> prevailed on other mailing lists, the following rules will apply with
> regards to False Statements:


In my previous post, I pointed out that 4. is subject to abuse.  The Panel
has passed a flawed motion.

I therefore ask that any person volunteering to act as a moderator on the
members-only list explicitly commit himself to act fairly on this provision,
even though not specifically required to by the list rules as passed by the

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