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Spy Society

Eine Sammlung von drei Artikeln mit vielen Details über die
US-amerikanische Überwachungsgesellschaft:

  (The Village Voice: Features: Spycam City)

   It's impossible to say how many lenses are trained on
   the streets of New York, but in one eight-block radius, the NYCLU
   found over 300 in plain sight. And as one volunteer acknowledges,
   "There are tons of hidden cameras we didn't catch."

  (Spycam Chic)

   But as we shed the distinction between an on- and off-camera
   personality, there's little reason to be unsettled by the video gaze.
   If anything, the real fear for many people is of a life never graced
   by the validating lens.
  (Spy Commerce)

   Demographics the old standard of selling to the masses is being
   replaced by a more precise schematic, in which people are classified
   according to their personality profiles. On Madison Avenue, this
   strategy is called "psychographics."

It's all like keeping two or three ants together.