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[FYI] Interview mit Jon "DeCSS" Johansen

Auf dvdfuture.com findet sich heute unter 


ein Interview mit Jon Johansen. Inhaltlich zwar kaum
neues, dafuer aber aus erster Hand.

Ken Pierce: The MPAA and the DVD CCA both claim that the 
software you helped develop was designed primarily to crack 
the copy protection on DVD movies. The OpenDVD consortium 
and various other sources claim the software was developed
simply for the purpose of playing back DVD movies on unsup-
ported operating  systems (i.e. Linux, BeOS). When the soft-
ware was being developed, what was the original intent? 

Jon Johansen: The original intent was to be able to develop 
Linux dvd playback capabilities. This automatically includes 
other open operating systems. 


I want more features! I want anamorphic! I am going to boycott the whole 
damn world until I get it!! Er, okay, maybe I'm going overboard,but hey, 
it's Showgirls.I mean, it isn't like we're just talking about some dinky 
little film like Lawrence Of Arabia...geesh!   (dvdfile.com, 17.01.2000)