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Re: [FYI] (Fwd) Fwd: auch EPO Patent fuer Amazon 1-click

At 23:50 21.03.00 +0100, Axel H Horns cited:

>-> http://liberte.aful.org/pipermail/patents/2000-March/000377.html
>The EPO granted a patent (EP0902381) on "a method and system for
>placing an order to purchase an item via the Internet" which is
>actually the 1-click Amazon patent.

in http://liberte.aful.org/pipermail/patents/2000-March/000380.html
fragt Bernard Lang nun nach, ob es sich tatsaechlich um eine bereits
erteilte Genehmigung handelt: "the documents I have seen in PDF
are applications Are you sure it has been granted ?"