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[FYI] (Fwd) Fwd: auch EPO Patent fuer Amazon 1-click

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Subject:        	Fwd: auch EPO Patent fuer Amazon 1-click
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Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 13:18:22 +0100
From: Jean-Paul Smets <jp@smets.com>
To: patents@liberte.aful.org
Subject: [Patents] EPO has granted Amazon 1-click Patent


This is incredible for me and just shows how far the EPO (European
Patent Office) is going in terms of biased and perverse interpretation
of the Law.

The EPO granted a patent (EP0902381) on "a method and system for
placing an order to purchase an item via the Internet" which is
actually the 1-click Amazon patent.

The Munich convention clearly states that :
 - programmes as such are not patentable
 - business methods as such are not patentable
 - mental acts as such are not patentable
 - etc.

Of course, things are formally written to show that it is an invention
which is new, technical solution of a technical problem and with
industrial application. But any judge understands that the only
innovativity in this patent is purely related to a business method or
to a non technical programme. This is really the kind of patent that
should be considered as an abuse of the law. 

The EPO has now really gone too far. Anyone know how to sue them ?



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