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[FYI] DMCA in Aktion


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Real Screaming over Streaming by Christopher Jones  

3:00 a.m. Jan. 6, 2000 PST  

The rights of software developers and copyright owners are colliding 
this week in a Seattle courtroom as RealNetworks tries to prevent a 
rival from getting a piece of its lucrative streaming business.  

When Redmond-based Streambox developed an application that hacks 
through RealNetworks' security layer and allows users to save 
RealAudio and G2 streams into formats such as MP3, RealNetworks cried 

Last month, the company filed a lawsuit accusing Streambox of unfair 
competition and violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 
(DMCA), among other things.  

On Wednesday, Streambox posted its response to the RealNetworks' 
suit, which will be used to fight a temporary federal injunction 
issued last week in Seattle. The restraining order applies to three 
applications developed by Streambox: Ripper, VCR, and Ferret. Another 
hearing is set for Friday to determine whether the injunction should 


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