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Re: Marken-/Namensproblem GNUtella

On 14 Apr 00, at 20:09, Thorsten Fenk wrote:

> besteht in D ein Konflikt zwischen dem Markennamen "Nutella" und dem
> Programm "GNUtella"? 

gnutella.wego.com weiss die Antwort:


Gnutella can withstand a band of hungry lawyers. How many 
realtime search technologies can claim that? Not Napster, that's 
for sure. Just to emphasize how revolutionary this is: hungry
lawyers are probably more destructive than nuclear weapons.

There are a few things that will prevent Gnutella from being stopped 
by lawyers, FBI, etc. First, Gnutella is nothing but a protocol. It's 
just freely-accessible information. There is no company to
sue. No one entity is really responsible for Gnutella.

Second, Gnutella is not there to promote the piracy of music.

The important thing is that Gnutella will be here tomorrow. It's 
reliable, it's sharing terabytes of data, and it is absolutely 




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