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Associated Press threatens to sue over Elian pix parody

     Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:43:59 -0400 
     To: politech@vorlon.mit.edu 
     Subject: FC: Associated Press threatens to sue over Elian pix parody site 
     From: Declan McCullagh <declan@well.com> 
     Cc: dtomlin@ap.org, brad_king@wired.com 

[It seems like we're seeing a two-tier copyright system emerge on the Net. 
If you own your own server (as I do), or pay for hosting, you'll have a 
better chance of fending off specious copyright claims. For instance, if my 
coloc provider were to pull the plug on my server -- not that I think they 
would -- they'd better have a bloody good reason. But if you have a free 
web site on Geocities, watch out. Even online, or especially online, you 
get what you pay for. --Declan]



Wazzup? Not Elián Web Parody
by Brad King

11:25 a.m. Apr. 27, 2000 PDT
The latest in a quick string of "Wazzup" commercial website parodies -- 
this one a takeoff of last weekend's Elián Gonzalez drama -- is history.

The Associated Press, which holds the copyright to the now-famous picture 
of an armed agent about to seize the 6-year-old Cuban boy from a caretaker, 
has threatened legal action against the creator of the Internet-based 

Although site creator Sean Bonner took down the site, he did not slink away 


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