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[FYI] RIAA wins over mp3.com


Wired: RIAA Wins Suit Against MP3.com
   "Months of legal wrangling came to a head Friday when Judge Jed S.
   Rakoff for the Southern District of New York issued a terse order
   holding MP3.com "liable for copyright infringement."
   "Rakoff said in the one-page order that he would explain his verdict
   in two weeks. The judge and counsel for each side will meet at 5 p.m.
   EDT Friday to discuss how the ruling will be implemented, said a
   consultant for the RIAA."
   "We think this is a loss for the labels," Robertson said in a
   conference call. "When a responsible system like my.mp3.com which
   requires people to buy the CDs before they can listen to the music is
   potentially halted, that leaves a vacuum for other services like
   Napster and Gnutella, which don't protect artists, to flourish."

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