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Just another German canidate.


 Lutz Donnerhacke

2.Country of citizenship


3.Place of residence

 Jena, Thuringia

4.Physical address and phone number

 Saalweg 1
 07747 Jena


5.Email address



 IKS GmbH Jena

7.Information indicating potential conflicts of interest, including:
a.Employment and consulting relationships

 IKS is a small regional ISP. We are very conservative in domain name

b.Ownership or investment interests in any Internet-related businesses

 I'm a co-founder of IKS. My IT-stocks are limited and organized in a fond,
 not in individual companies.

c.Official positions in any businesses or Internet-related organizations

 I'm working in the field of internet security (i.e. OpenPGP) and as an
 system/network-admin. I'm involved into the German speaking Usenet
 community since several years. Furthermore I've good, direct connections to
 most regional and nationwide telcos and supporting companies, I do not work

8. Any background information, personal statement, or other information
   the candidate would like posted in connection with your name on the
   ICANN website.

 The reason to canidate is simple: ICANN is a technical organisation for
 technical problems, so it requires persons which can pre-estimate the
 technical and political consequences of any change. IMHO I'm able to do so.
 OTOH I'm sufficiently involved in political developments (esp. digital
 signature, wiretrapping, general privacy, education, liberation, ...) to
 transport ideas and reasonings between politics, technicans, journalists
 and - last but not least - the ordinary people. I'm founding member of
 FITUG, a GILC member. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail.