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Just another German canidate.

> Name:

Lutz Donnerhacke

> Country of citizenship:


> Physical address:

Saalweg 1 
07747 Jena  

> E-mail address:


> Past professional positions/accomplishments:

Sysadmin, network admin, security/privacy consultant (Eternity logfile,
public key infrastructure, anonymous biometry, digital publication scheme of
the Bundesverfassungsgericht (German Constitution Court)), programmer.
Certificates not mentioned.

>  Volunteer roles/accomplishments:

President and vice president of Thüringen Netz e.V. (www.thur.de)
  (Responsible for edication, wireless networks, alternative infrastructure)
Integreator of whois.thur.de (generic whois for all domains/IPs/handles)
Board member of Individual Network e.V. (German wide organisation to cut down
  access limits for private people (cheaper Internet), responsible for
  certification (IN-CA) => RfC 2440)
Cofounder of FITUG e.V., a member of GILC.
Moderator of de.admin.news.announce (de.ALL maintaince)
Technical moderator of de.admin.net-abuse.announce.
Maintainer of some FAQs.

> Educational background :

Four years at a advanced school specialized in mathematics, physics and
  natural sciences: http://www.cz.j.th.schule.de/
Study of physics (theoretical subjects) at the university of Jena.
  Aborted to start a business (mass fax services).
Study of mathematics (and informatics <sic!>) in progress.

> Experience with the Internet's architecture:

Cofounder and coadmin of the first group dealing with experimental
interconnection technologies (incl. internet) in this region.
Cofounder and coadmin of one of the first regional ISP here.
Developer of internet software (teergrube, generic whois, telco customer
management). Developer of security/privacy software (pgp263in).

> Experience in international and/or multicultural environments:

Developer and maintainer of generic whois. Coauthor of RfC 2440. Usenet
administration. Running and promoting remailer services (preventing several
prosecution attempts from Germany and USA). Technical and personal
(political) assistance of www.religio.de (international sects database).

> What do you hope to contribute to the ICANN Board?

ICANN is a technical organisation for technical problems, so it requires
persons which can pre-estimate the technical and political consequences of
any change. IMHO I'm able to do so. OTOH I'm sufficiently involved in
political developments (esp. digital signature, wiretrapping, general
privacy, education, liberation, ...) to transport ideas and reasonings
between politics, technicans, journalists and - last but not least - the
ordinary people.

> Do you consider yourself a representative of user, technical,
> business, public interest, academic, governmental, intellectual
> property, or other interests (List all that apply)

User, technical, business, public interests, academic, privacy.

> Are you willing to commit the time and energyh required to partipate
> on the ICANN borad ?


> Do you expect to be compensated or subsidized by any party for your
> participation on the ICANN Board if elected ?

Yes. I already managed get some help from governmental (fallback business)

> Are you free to take independent votes and form independent positions,
> without  interference or control by any employer, client or other
> group that you are affiliated with?

Of course. It's not the first time I do something my own way.