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[members-announce] ICANN At Large Membership UPDATE - 8 August 2000

Das wird zur Zeit an die ICANN At Large members verschickt:


Hi!  This email is an update on ICANN's At Large membership and election
program, and is being sent to all activated members.

   o Membership Drive

ICANN's membership drive was an overwhelming success.  From February
25 to July 31, over 158,000 Internet users from all corners of the world
submitted applications.  For details on the results, see

   o Nominations Process

This year, ICANN's At Large Membership will select 5 members of the
ICANN Board of Directors in a worldwide online vote, currently scheduled
for October 1-10.  One Director will be chosen from each of five
geographic regions: Africa, Asia/Australia/Pacific, Europe, Latin
America/Caribbean, and North America.

The election process is now in the nominations phase.  There are two
paths to appear as a nominee on the final ballot:  nomination by the
Nominating Committee, and member-nomination.

  1. On August 1, the Nominating Committee announced a set of 18
nominees.  For details, see the announcement 
<http://www.icann.org/nomcom/#report> and the list of nominees 

  2. During the month of August, there will be a member-nomination
period, in which an individual can win a place on the ballot by 
attracting the support of 2% of the activated members in his/her 
region, up to a total limit of 7 nominees per region.

For details on member-nomination, including the rules and instructions
for interested candidates, see <http://members.icann.org/nom.html>.
Candidates for member-nomination must contact ICANN by August 14.

>From August 15-31, all activated At Large members will be able to
"endorse" a candidate for member-nomination in their region.  In 
the meantime, you can review the current list of candidates by 
selecting your region at <http://members.icann.org/nom.html>.

   o Keep your member number, password, and PIN number handy

Please keep your membership number, your password (sent via email), and
your PIN number (sent via postal mail) handy, because you will need to
use them to endorse a candidate for member-nomination, and to vote in

If you have received this message in error and did not apply for the
ICANN At Large Membership, please notify us by sending an email with 
"ERROR" in the subject line.

ICANN At Large