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[FYI] Patents and Antipatents


What Happens When Patents Meet Antipatents?

[ News ] Posted by timothy on 21:40 1st September, 2000
from the is-my-meat-yo-yo-"too-obvious"? dept.

Roblimo pointed out an interesting piece by Grant Gross of
NewsForge tying together some of the recent thoughts on
Slashdot and elsewhere about preventing the creation of bad
patents. Gross examines the idea of "antipatents" as formulated
by Media.org co-founders Rebecca Hargrave and Carl Malamud.
>From the article: "'Antipatents are simple, a registration
mechanism for your open-source inventions. ... Taking the time to
document the antipatent prevents some clueless corporation from
making it their property. Perhaps a handsome certificate, suitable
for framing, can be sent with each antipatent for a modest fee.'
Hargrave and Malamud also call for a formal way for the
community at large to shout down 'clueless patents.'" Sounds
good to me. 


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