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Re: [FYI] Patents and Antipatents

On 2000-09-02 12:56:14 +0200, PILCH Hartmut wrote:

>> Roblimo pointed out an interesting piece by Grant Gross of
>> NewsForge tying together some of the recent thoughts on
>> Slashdot and elsewhere about preventing the creation of bad
>> patents. Gross examines the idea of "antipatents" as formulated
>> by Media.org co-founders Rebecca Hargrave and Carl Malamud.

>> From the article: "'Antipatents are simple, a registration
>> mechanism for your open-source inventions. ... Taking the time
>> to document the antipatent prevents some clueless corporation
>> from making it their property. Perhaps a handsome certificate,
>> suitable for framing, can be sent with each antipatent for a
>> modest fee.' Hargrave and Malamud also call for a formal way
>> for the community at large to shout down 'clueless patents.'"
>> Sounds good to me.

> Leider eine uralte und ziemlich wirkungslose Idee, die gleichzeitig viel
> Arbeit erfordert, s.
> 	http://swpat.ffii.org/purci/

Begründe "wirkungslos".  Hier.

Thomas Roessler                         <roessler@does-not-exist.org>