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Filtering porm

Laura Breadner <laura1bb@yahoo.com> on Wed, 1 Nov 2000 02:56:58
-0800 (PST):

>I am doing a project where I have to find out the
>right of a  worker  doing research and often will come
>across pornagraphic link.  I would like to know what
>can be done to prevent these sort of cases coming

(Rereding it, I am not sure I understand your question. I'll try
to answer both.)

Hm, what kinds of search terms do you use?

(It might be an idea to user VERY specific keywords and the surf
'upwards' to a more general site that contains the info you need
(use local search then). It might also be better to research this
topic off net ;) Sometimes libraries are amazing ;) )

What kind of pages do you hit that you do not want to see?

Although filters might filter stuff away that you WILL want to
see you can use serach enginnes that have a family filter. (IIRC
Altavista has one).

You can also set your 'content advisor' in your browser so that
it will filter away 'offensive content'. (Although this might
also block pages that you WANT to see.) [is the following
correct? ->] Most porn-sites DO use the so called PICS labelling
and will then be ignored by your browser.

And: If you research a link that LOOKS like a porn link: Just
don't click it ;)

b) You mean the employer wants to prevent the worker to see some
There are Firewalls for commercial use that use lists of sites
that are of limits to workers. The above problem also applies:
Often those lists will contain Sites that the worker NEEDS to
access. (We had an example here this week that an employee
(top-manager) of SIEMENS was not able to access www.ccc.de. IIRC
both the Antivirus-Software 'Trend Micro' contains a module that
does such filtering and also CheckPoint Firewall-1 contains such
a filter. IIRC they can be adjusted by the local admin or you can
accept 'pre selev´cted' blocking-lists. (Agin: with the problems
mentioned above.)

Generally filters are deemed a bad idea technically, because the
will do different things from what you expect.

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