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STOCK ALERT! HFCI (34 cents) Teams with AOL Time Warner!

STOCK ALERT!   HFCI (34 cents per share)  Teams with AOL Time Warner!

SELL TARGET $2.00 - $2.25

(OTC Bulletin Board: HFCI) announced an agreement with AOL
Time Warner (NYSE: AOL) under which visitors to America Online
will be able to access HFCI's extensive array of mortgage products,
including on-line access to hundreds of mortgage programs,
consumer credit reports, financial calculators, current mortgage rates,
and access to the latest industry news and stock quotes.

Home Financing Centers, Inc. has also been approved by AOL to
use the AOL Keyword, HFCI, in all of its marketing materials.
AOL's 54 million users will now be able to enter HFCI into the
keyword box on the AOL site and will immediately be directed to
HFCI. HFCI will also be featured on Compuserve, MapQuest and
Moviefone as part of the agreement.

"AOL is a leading provider of real estate content on the Internet," said
Gary J. Kovner, President and Chief Executive Officer of HFCI.  "By providing
AOL's 27 million subscribers with HFCI's extensive content, we are able to
enhance the experience on AOL Real Estate and add value to consumers
who are active in the home-buying or relocation decision-making process.
We are pleased to be working with AOL to offer comprehensive, timely,
and relevant information to AOL's subscribers."

    "This agreement with AOL is SIGNIFICANT because it clearly demonstrates
how the leading portals have begun to recognize that more than 50% of US
borrowers use the Internet to search for the lowest mortgage rates.  HFCI will
be sure to benefit and capture a larger share of this market when online
mortgages really catch on as we continue to combine our internet operations
with our traditional branch office network."

for more details go to http://quote.yahoo.com/q?s=hfci.ob&d=v1

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