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Bug oder neues MS feature ?


>From marek@sis.pitt.edu Fri Mar 30 20:30:45 2001
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From: "Marek J. Druzdzel" <marek@sis.pitt.edu>
Subject: ?MP3 protection?
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 11:42:18 +0800
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I have a simple question.  I went through the pains of recording quite a
number of my CDs in MP3 format and copied them to my laptop so that I
don't need to carry them around when I travel.  When I try to play some
of them, I get redirected to some Microsoft site telling me that I
cannot play them because they were not recorded on this computer.  Of
course they were not.  What can I do to get this annoying thing switched
off (outside of rerecording all CDs on the laptop again)?  Thanks in
advance for suggestions,