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Re: [FYI] Network Associates will PGP-Produkte abstoßen

Hallo Axel,

on 12.10.2001 [12:11 h] you wrote:

> http://www.heise.de/newsticker/data/anw-12.10.01-000/

dazu noch eine mail, die ich heute morgen rausgeschickt habe:

wenn ich das richtig deute, wird die PGP.com Abteilung aufgelöst und
in die McAfee und Sniffer Abteilungen integriert. Für die PGP
Produkte PGPmail, PGPdisk sucht NAI einen Käufer.

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001 23:43:57 -0400,
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"Kurt Mueller" <kmuelle@clemson.edu> wrote:

Borrowed from slashdot.org


An Anonymous Coward writes: "Network Associates announced
today that they are ceasing development of most of the PGP
product line, including PGPMail and PGP Desktop Encryption
software.  This was apparently due to disappointing sales of the
products.  See the FAQ for more information on what's being killed
and what's being kept." Another anonymous and unverified submitter
says, "The entire PGP Business Unit was axed more or less wholesale.
I guess selling encryption doesn't really make money.  I worked there
up until today and somewhere around 250 of the 300 employees were

Here is the a link to the article slashdot.org is linking to:


That is all.
aus der FAQ:

October 2001
In October of 2001, Network Associates announced a reorganization of
the PGP Security Business. Some of the PGP Security products will be
integrated into the McAfee and Sniffer business units.

The integration of the PGP Security business unit can be described at
a high level as two actions:

PGP Security Integrated Into McAfee and Sniffer. Portions of the PGP
Security organization will be integrated into McAfee and Sniffer. This
integration will allow us to better meet your complex security needs,
help you drive security more deeply into your corporate infrastructure
and extend security into your strategic business applications. The
integrated PGP Security products will continue to have focused
Engineering teams, which will be integrated into the McAfee and
Sniffer business units. The products will receive renewed and
continued focus for providing best-of-breed value to Network
Associates customers.

Continued Maintenance and Support for Non-integrated Products. Network
Associates will continue to sell and provide premier support for
products not integrated into McAfee or Sniffer. The Gauntlet Firewall
and PGP file and desktop encryption products will not be integrated.
We will seek buyers for these product lines who are best able to
support the users needs. When a company buys these products, Network
Associates will work with them to provide a smooth transition for
existing customers and the acquiring company.

The current McAfee and Sniffer product sets will continue along their
respective development roadmaps as planned. There will be future
releases of the McAfee and Sniffer products that incorporate PGP
technology as well as a rebranding of the existing PGP products.

The following products will be maintained and supported:
The PGPmail, PGPfile, and PGPicq components of PGP Desktop product
line that is sold as "PGPmail". This is the "traditional PGP email
The PGPdisk component of PGP Desktop.
PGP Keyserver

All products, including the products in maintenance mode, currently
being sold by the PGP Security sales force directly and through
channels will continue to be sold and supported until a transition
agreement is developed with a purchasing vendor. Technical Support and
support offerings will continue uninterrupted and with the same high
levels of support your customers have come to expect.


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