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[FYI] John Walker: The Digital Imprimatur


The Digital Imprimatur

How big brother and big media can put the Internet genie back in the

by John Walker
September 13th, 2003
Revision 3 -- October 9th, 2003

    imprimatur 1. The formula (=`let it be printed'), signed by an
    official licenser of the press, authorizing the printing of a book;
    hence as sb. an official license to print.

        The Oxford English Dictionary (2nd. ed.) 


Over the last two years I have become deeply and increasingly
pessimistic about the future of liberty and freedom of speech,
particularly in regard to the Internet. This is a complete reversal of
the almost unbounded optimism I felt during the 1994-1999 period when
public access to the Internet burgeoned and innovative new forms of
communication appeared in rapid succession.



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