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[FYI] der Kampf um digitale Bilder


bin gerade ueber einen lesenswerten Artikel gestolpert:


der interessante Punkt imho:

> Now we all know that there are quite a few companies that
> write generic RAW converters. Many of these are small cottage
> industries and are highly unlikely to be prosecuted by the likes
> of the large camera makers. But there are larger companies, such
> as Adobe and Phase One, which are much more tempting targets for
> lawsuits, and who have litigation and liability lawyers who try
> and look after their best interests.
> This is what has happened in early 2005. Both Adobe with Camera
> RAW 3.1 and Phase One with Capture One 3.7 have refused to decode
> Nikon's new white balance encryption on D2x and D50 camera files.
> Not that they couldn't (individual programmers did it days after
> it was released), but because it exposes these corporations to
> liability.

Die Argumente erinnern an den sicherlich bekannten Artikel von
John Gilmore: http://www.toad.com/gnu/whatswrong.html

http://www.openraw.org/ versucht das begehren entsprechend
zu buendeln.


Wer sich zuviel mit kleinen Dingen abgibt,
wird gewoehnlich unfaehig zu grossen.              Rochefoucauld

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